Martin Smalley, BS

Martin Smalley
Research Assistant

Department of Pathology
1020B/1A Medical Laboratories
500 Newton Road
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1109

Lab: 319-335-8427


AS, Biotechnology, Des Moines Area Community College, Iowa, 2011
BS, Microbiology, Iowa State University, Iowa, 2017


Before working at the University of Iowa I spent four years developing new antioxidants and methods for evaluation pet-food oxidation at Kemin Industries in Des Moines, IA. Currently I assist Dr. Hefti in studying neuron growth in hypoxic environments.


  1. Ewa Fueller, M. Smalley, A. Chamberlin. Development of a rapid screening method for determining the impact of ingredients on pet food stability. 106th AOCS Annual Meeting and Industry Showcases. Kemin Industries, USA